FAQs - Instafarm

Does Night Mode make the plants grow slower?

Our suggestion is to not to enter Night Mode more than 10 hours per day. If the Instafarm is not in Night Mode more than 10 hours a day (one full Night Mode cycle) there will be very minimal impact on plant growth.

Can I turn the light off at night or when I’m watching a movie?

Yes! The light on the Instafarm™ is typically on 24/7, however, if you would like to have the light off during a particular time of the day, a quick press of the power button will put it into Night Mode. During Night Mode the plants will still be watered but the light will remain [...]

I think I might have mold growing in my tray

When microgreens first start growing, their micro-hairs can easily be mistaken for mold. However, unlike mold, these micro-hairs are a sign of a very healthy plant and means the plant root has a significant surface area to intake nutrients from the soil. If you see something that looks like mold and is not in [...]

Can I move the trays around in the Instafarm™?

It is recommended that once you place a tray in the Instafarm™ you do not remove the tray or place it in another tray slot until the tray is ready for harvest. This helps to ensure that the Instafarm™ is able to precisely control the growth settings for that specific tray. [...]

What type of water can I use in the Instafarm™?

Instafarm™ is designed to operate using filtered or distilled water. The water tank should not be filled with unfiltered tap water, as it may clog the watering system.  If you find that the watering system has become clogged, you can clean the filter located in the bottom of the water tank. Additionally, the removable [...]

Can I re-grow the plants after harvesting?

Instafarm trays are designed for one-time use and most will not regrow a second time. That being said, most trays can be transplanted into a larger growing pot or the garden to grow the full-size plants after harvesting the micro greens. Returning a harvested or partially harvested tray to the Instafarm is not recommended [...]

What temperature range should the room be?

The Instafarm™ detects the temperature and relative humidity in the room and adjusts the settings accordingly. Tray growth will slow significantly and cannot be guaranteed if the room is consistently below 68 degrees Fahrenheit. If the room temperature only drops during the night, this temperature fluctuation typically will not impact the plant growth as [...]

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