Instafarm Referral Program

Terms and Conditions

Effective 7/01/2023

1.      General

These terms and conditions apply to Instafarm’s Referral Program (“Program”). By referring a friend, purchasing from Instafarm, or otherwise participating in the Program, the referring customer (“Referrer”) and referred friend (“Referee”) agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, Instafarm’s Terms and Conditions, and Instafarm’s Privacy Policy. The Terms and  Conditions and Privacy Policy are available at

2.      Program Participation and Eligibility

Eligible Referrals: The Program is only available for active subscribers of Instafarm monthly tray subscriptions. To make referrals, you must:

1.      Have an active Instafarm monthly tray subscription in good standing; and

2.      Be an individual person and of the age of majority in the state/province or jurisdiction where you are resident at the time of participation.

To be referred, you must:

1.      Sign up for an active Instafarm monthly tray subscription. Customers who have previously purchased from Instafarm are ineligible to be referred.

2.      Be an individual person and of the age of majority in the state/province or jurisdiction where you are resident at the time of participation.

Please allow up to four (4) weeks after referral validation for referral reward to be applied. Instafarm reserves the right to modify, extend or cancel this Program at any time.

Participation in the Program is prohibited where void by applicable law or regulation. If your subscription is “interrupted”, “suspended” or you cancel your subscription with Instafarm, you are no longer eligible to participate in the Program. Upon cancellation with Instafarm, your account will be inactive and you may not make referrals or earn Program credits, including any referral credits that may be pending. You cannot redeem a referral credit for referring yourself. You may only participate in the Program with one account. To participate and earn a credit, Referees must enter the name of the Referrer during the online-signup process. The  Referee must enter the Referrer’s name exactly as it was entered by the Referrer when he/she signed up for his/her subscription.

Instafarm reserves the right to void any Referral credit based on the following: (1) ineligibility of any Program participant, (2) fraudulent activation or, (3) if Instafarm, in its sole discretion, finds that you have violated any of the Program Terms and Conditions.

Eligible Referees: Each Referee must activate a new Instafarm monthly subscription. You cannot receive credits for referring yourself or by renewing your monthly subscription with Instafarm. Existing Instafarm customers will receive 1 free month of their current tray subscription at the time of the referral for each referred customer that signs up. If you are a new Instafarm customer who was referred by an existing Instafarm customer, you will receive 1 month of free tray subscription for being referred. You must disclose the fact that you are an Instafarm customer when you make referrals. You agree to let your Referees know that you are the Referrer and that you may receive a referral reward if your Referee signs up for Instafarm service. You will not receive any referral reward if you fail to comply with any of the terms of the Program.

3.      Reward Redemption: 

Referral rewards are non-transferable, non-assignable, and cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash, credit, or other merchandise. Upon the Referee signing up and entering the name of the Referrer a 1 month subscription credit will be issued towards both the account of the Referrer and the Referee.

4.      Reward Issuance Expiration: 

If further action is required for reward issuance, members successfully complete the additional action within 30 days from initial notification of the request for further action. Otherwise the member will forfeit the pending reward.

5.      Additional Terms and Conditions.

Tax: You are responsible for any and all tax liabilities associated with the Program.

Void Where Prohibited: This Program is void where prohibited by law.

We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of the Instafarm Referral Program at any time, without notice, at our sole discretion. We reserve the right to not award a credit or disqualify someone from the Program if we feel, in our sole discretion, that fraudulent behavior or other unethical conduct has occurred in any way that compromises the fairness the Program in any way. Credits cannot be combined with other promotions and are not valid for previous offers or orders. Spam, unsolicited commercial email, or any form of illegal means of communication is illegal, prohibited, and will be grounds for termination of your account and participation in this Program. Fraudulent or unethical means of communication such as using bots, fictitious identities, fake emails, or scripts is also prohibited and will result in similar actions by us with respect to terminating your account and participation in the Program.

Limited time offer. Instafarm reserves the right to terminate and/or modify this offer at any time without prior notice.

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